Said we are Premier League, said we are Premier League. Job Done. In Rafa we trust.

(sorry we won’t see you there mackems 🙂 )

A Winning Dash North

I headed north at the weekend, leaving Heather to entertain herself. I was up in Newcastle to see my Dad (unseen since Christmas so we had to exchange christmas (and birthday!) presents). Before that I took in Newcastle play West Brom which we actually managed to win. A good little Continue reading

Change It!

When you have 61% possession and lose 2-0 with only one chance of note (from your rightback) then it’s too defensive and not creative enough. The worry is McClaren can’t see the shit piling over his umbrella and will send out the same side, in the same formation, with the Continue reading

Here we go again then. Haway the lads.

Back to the Match

This Sunday Newcastle United will play Spurs in a Premier League game. It comes off the back of five defeats (with only one goal to Newcastle’s name and barely looking like scoring more). It comes off the back of a poor season, on the back of a poor season. It Continue reading