It doesn’t matter who I’m travelling with, or not. Nor who is here or not. When I look out the train window and see lobba hill over the Team Valley on one side and Bensham on the other, I will always smile. 

Twenty-three years since the KLF* Well, technically The K Foundation, but you know burned a million quid. Just mentioning because, you know, 2017 needs this sort of thing.

Be Good. Be Good. Be Good. I was going to say this had better be good but, actually, you’re following Blade Runner. This had better be awesome. The trailer does feel like the right world, and Vengelis may not be doing the sound track but Jóhann Jóhannsson is obviously heavily riffing on his score. Arrives Continue reading

Dangerous Sticker

So, this is Heather’s niece’s Evie’s birthday present (she’s one!). Note the sticker in the middle: It reads “For your child’s safety, please remove and discard this label before inserting the spinning baby bug [whatever one of those is!]”. Which begs the question, why not simply not put a label Continue reading

The Difficult Part Is Trying To Pour

I thought I’d mentioned Bob Hoover here before but it was actually during a different life. Anyway, here he is, pouring a glass of tea: Or you might prefer some aerobatics (without engines, of course): If angels have wings, he’s the best flyer of them all.