Oh good, the buses have stopped warning us (late) they’re going to move and now tell us to hold on when they’re moving. Because we’re 5

Hadn’t realised the fare increases were to pay for the reintroduction of the bloke with the red flag walking at the front of the train but judging by the speed of my train home tonight that’s what it must be. 

Just put some foil over the top of a bowl and for some reason was suddenly transported back to covering a port on a UHV chamber. Haven’t done that in a while. 

Said we are Premier League, said we are Premier League. Job Done. In Rafa we trust.

(sorry we won’t see you there mackems 🙂 )

It doesn’t matter who I’m travelling with, or not. Nor who is here or not. When I look out the train window and see lobba hill over the Team Valley on one side and Bensham on the other, I will always smile. 

Can’t be the only one expecting #stoneroses to sing “Muskehounds are Always Ready” in that chorus, can I?

Just like to wish a happy 90th birthday to Boaty McBoatface * Well, if they can call the boat after him, why not the other way round

Attempt number 5 or 6 to get into the mystery locked room. There had better be treasure!

If it doesn’t have sides and a bottom it is NOT a pie. That is all.