This is a small collection of physics based resources (mainly macros) I accumulated during my doctoral work with the University of York Surface Physics Group. You may wish to also look at their resource page.

MEIS Macros

I developed a number of Igor Pro macros for analysing MEIS data using different R-factors. These are collected on the Igor Pro macros page.


I hacked together (don’t expect pretty code) a number of scripts, in c and c++, to perform tasks I needed doing at the time. These are available for free download here. You may copy, redistribute and modify them for non-commercial purposes to your heart’s content, so long as you acknowledge the original author and release them under similar conditions.

Each file is a zip archive of the windows binary executable and source code, unless stated otherwise (sources were compiled using the freely available Borland compiler version 5.5.1; there’s certainly no guarantee they’ll compile under anything else!). All programs are supplied “as is” and no liability can be accepted.

autosts (v 3.0)
Performs (dI/dV)/(I/V) analysis on scanning tunnelling spectroscopy files
cits2stm (v 3.3)
Takes old format Omicron STS data. This will take a user specified CITS image and convert it to a fake STM image which may then be used with stm2bmp. It will also allow the subtraction of one CITS image from another prior to conversion.
stm2bmp (no source)
Converts old format Omicron STM files into a bitmap image. The tz and tp files should be in the same directory as the program is run from. You will be asked for the run number. Courtesy of Dr D. J. Spence
stm2scala (v 2.2)
Converts old format Omicron STM files into SCALA format files, because I could never get them to import. For usage type stm2scala help. A few typos should now be fixed so that GSXM will import the produced scala files (its parser seems more picky than Scala itself!)
x2magic (v 1.0)
Coverts the crystal output by XVEGAS into a format which can be converted to PDB format by Vegas Magic. It might even work on a none XVEGAS crystal as well (it should run with any “correctly” formatted MEIS crystal but there’s almost no error checking)
crstopov (v 1.0)
A half hearted attempt to convert MEIS crystals into files for rendering with POVRay. There are better ways of doing this

Other Software

I didn’t write this software but have found it useful. Thanks to its authors.

Written by the Warwick surface physics group, though you wouldn’t know to look at their website. Because it seems very hard to get hold of online, I’m supplying a local download. TCL/Tk MEIS simulations.
Vegas Magic
Converts MEIS crystals into PDB format (or into Alchemy format). Thanks to Nick Kaijaks. Local download.
Crystal visualisation software

For more see these posts and pages:

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