One of the staff at Norwood Junction station has a habit of announcing where our late running train has reached/just left the preceding station. I’m sure he’s just trying to be helpful but his wording irks me every time. The [train] has just left East Croydon and is due in x minutes time. No. No, it’s not due then; it’s due when the timetable says, normally several minutes ago. That’s just when you expect it to arrive.


Just seen one of those weather forecast summary things in a website sidebar. 100% chance of rain. You don’t say!

You don't say

100% Chance of Rain

You don’t say

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Difference is the mackems have something to play for (clinging on to premiership) while our midfield doesn’t know what to do without Cabaye and the players wonder what the point is. Effort and passion, why bother when there’s no ambition? Get out of our club you cockney bastard, and wanker Kinnear (couldn’t sign an autograph). #nufc

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