Reviewing an IT quotation for a school project we’re working on, the specialist has allowed for something listed as an Elmo Visualiser. Sadly, this has little to do with showing a muppet 🙁


An Entry In Quotes I Could Have Wrote

I won’t try to describe how much it hurt, or how much I miss her, or how much beauty and art and love the world has lost. If you’ve never experienced the sudden death of a person who was a cornerstone of your life, it’s not something you can really imagine—and why would you want to? And if you have, then you already know.

William Hughes

Did You Have To Prove You Right

You always said you wouldn’t reach forty. I always used to tell you not to be silly. Why did you have to go prove yourself right pixie?

Today you should be forty. You should be complaining that you can’t be; you should be partying hard to celebrate. You should be in my arms, still as wondrous as ever whatever your age.

None of those things were to be; instead I just hold your memory. You never will be old.

Tonight my glass is raised. Chin-chin.