Long Rochester

The interruptions of Covid mean that getting places has this year been difficult, or at least delayed. So during the relative calm of the moment Heather and I took the opportunity of taking our annual visit to Rochester. This time though we made the decision that we wouldn’t be rushed Continue reading

Riverside Seaside

Right, time for some catching up, beginning with a little trip to Southend with Heather, Faith, and Dylan to see another WAY member, Louise. It was like going to the seaside, but sort of not because it’s more on the river, but whatever!

Admiring A Bottom

A friend we’d only ever met online was appearing in an outdoor performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, playing a cross-gendered Bottom. So, in a first outing to any sort of event in a post Covid world, Heather, Faith and I made the journey to Polesden Lacey to see Emma Continue reading

All that queuing and then someone jabs a needle in your arm! What is the world coming to.