Adulting: Ordering pizza because you realise every plate and dish needs washing and pizza doesn’t need plates, or cultery


Bletchley Breakers

Sunlit Mansion

The house at the heart of the estate

Recently a member of WAY organised a trip to Bletchley Park, base of the World War 2 code breakers—probably best known in the public conscious as “the place Alan Turing built a computer to break the German Enigma”, almost none of which is true. A whole bunch of us turned up, in fact probably too many given the large numbers resulted in everyone being in their own small group and struggling to get together for lunch. Still, Heather, Gemma and I took advantage to see what turns out to be a fascinating place. The ticket acts as an annual pass as well, which may well be handy.

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Coming off the Jubilee Line at London Bridge, a fellow traveller stepped onto the (fairly long) escalator. He then turned round and sat down, his seat slowly rising. Did it again on the next flight. Can’t work out if he’s a genius or psycho!