About one third of the way into 2012 I had the happiest week of my life. A bit over a third from the end all that joy, happiness, and love, went, when we just thought we’d reached the point of being able to make it even better.

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How long to draw some balls! Come on!

About time—It’s Metalist

Cooking In SAP

This is a note almost to myself but I thought I’d record it here as it took a little while to find the information earlier today. One of the spreadsheets we have setup at work is designed to help with analysing the energy usage, and hence carbon dioxide emissions, of a new development (specifically of a residential housing scheme). An accepted way of estimating such things is to perform a series of SAP calculations for each unit type (or at least a representative number of them). That produces an energy usage for such things as hot water production, heating, ventilation, etc. What is often required in addition, mainly due to planning guidance, is an estimate of the “unregulated” emissions (or energy use). This includes the energy used by appliances (fridges, washing machines and the like) and, subject of this post, cooking.

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Nanoscale Stripes

In a nod to what I used to do, a blog post caught my eye. It regards a bit of a controversy in a field I used to be quite familiar with; nanoscale surface science. The question basically boils down to whether the “stripes” being seen on a very small scale in a STM image are real or some sort of artefact. Given I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about the strange things can happen when performing probe microscopy (my masters dissertation has quite a lot of space dedicated to consideration of hysteresis loops in AFM imaging—sorry, no idea where to find an electronic copy of that just now) it’s tickled my fancy.

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Was the pool the other night. Darts tonight. 180!

Ahh the Mosconi Cup. Only just realised it’s happening—last day! Come on Europe