Tonight I find myself remembering two women. Jan, for the pumpkins we carved to show each other, no matter how far apart. And mam, for the text that came every year, a little pun for the night, “Hello Ian” 🙂


FFS. How the fuck. Worse team won. Come on February so can teach the relegated bastards a lesson

Haway lads, let’s hammer the mackem filth

I noticed at lunchtime that all the Boris Bikes have unique numbers printed on them. So now I’m wondering where the Bike Spotters are…


Bye Bye Sky Boo

Sky Boo

Poor Sky, Heather’s loved budgie, has passed on. He had a tumour which, despite the vet’s best efforts, was inoperable. He will be greatly missed; watching the football tonight won’t be the same without him.

Great Beasts

The weekend’s excitement mainly happened on Sunday, with great beasts of two kinds. Before then though there was:

Friday Night

Rocking the Green Dragon


Rocking the Green Dragon

A post work meeting of Heather found us in Croydon looking for somewhere to eat. We eventually settled on a noodle bar, which at least filled us up even if it wasn’t overly exciting. On the way home we called into The Green Dragon just looking for a drink. What we found was an impromptu stage and a couple of pretty decent bands as part of CROxjam. First Dearlove and then especially The Midnight Barbers entertaining and rocking us.

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A Dream Of An Early Autumn Night

The musicians signal the start of the play

Musical Readiness

The musicians signal the start of the play

As the months tick over into double figures the memory of summer is fading with autumn’s arrival but there was just time to catch the tail end of the season at the Globe. There Heather and I had A Midsummer’s Night Dream watching lovers led a merry dance in the land of the fairies.

It’s a play I’d never seen performed before, though it seems everyone knows the basics of the tale, with the confusion of lovers and an asses head. I think seeing it played out makes it much clearer than trying to read (or read up on). I particularly enjoyed watching Pearce Quigley’s Bottom (ohhh er!) and the inventive portrayal of the fairy woods.