Coloured Impressed

OCS in fine form

Front And Centre

OCS in fine form

We went to see Ocean Colour Scene at the Hammersmith Apollo, which had become strangely all seater for the event. They were supported by the rather good Cupids who were quite rocking. There was also a little guest appearance by a certain Paul Weller, which was nice I suppose.

Highlight was definitely OCS though. We were blown away.

Be Good. Be Good. Be Good.

I was going to say this had better be good but, actually, you’re following Blade Runner. This had better be awesome.

The trailer does feel like the right world, and Vengelis may not be doing the sound track but Jóhann Jóhannsson is obviously heavily riffing on his score.

Arrives , despite the trailer end getting me momentarily excited for June (damn, US time formats)