A Not Too Spooky Bake

Sunday was Halloween, so of course I did a quick bit of not at all spooky baking—first for a while. A pear, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry crumble (to a Slimming world recipe) and an amalgamation of two recipes to create a coffee walnut fudge cake (fudge icing as sandwich, coffee buttercream topping. Didn’t quite get the raising ingredients or temperature/cook time right but hey ho).


Pear, blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry to a Slimming World recipe

Coffee Walnut Fudge Cake

Almaganation of two recipes, with coffee butterscotch on top and fudge icing as a sandwich

Long Rochester

The interruptions of Covid mean that getting places has this year been difficult, or at least delayed. So during the relative calm of the moment Heather and I took the opportunity of taking our annual visit to Rochester. This time though we made the decision that we wouldn’t be rushed for time, or having to get the train home after a lovely dinner, so we made the effort to stay over night.

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