More Than Enough To Perform

All Action

A close view of the band performing

Somewhere in all the chaos of going into isolation thanks to COVID-19 (setting up home office to work from home, generally trying to work out shopping arrangements, etc) got lost the fact that just before all that Heather and I went to see the Stereophonics at the O2 Arena. It’s been ages since we saw them (we were supposed to a couple of years ago but didn’t because of snow). Supported by the too chatty The Wind And The Wave, the ‘Phonics were as awesome as we remembered.

Touring Tut

It’s been a while since a little bit of history, so we took the chance to see some fairly ancient history, about 3000-years old, with a rather extravagant, and expensive, exhibition of the Treasures of Tutankhamun. That involved a trip to the posher parts of London and the new venue to us of the Saatchi Gallery; a trip complicated (as these things always seem to be) by transport closures which meant we had a little walk from Victoria (which strangely we could get straight to), arriving nicely in time for our timed ticket (though that was the point it decided to rain for the only time of the day!)

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I am restarting my campaign for an office cat. We could call it Engey.

A Little Pub Crawl

The 51 Bus Route And Beyond!

We have a little pub crawl planned for —and by little I mean a crawl of the local Micropubs. There are two within walking distance of home but, more importantly, there are quite a few scattered along the route of the number 51 bus, starting in Sidcup and ending in Welling (or vice versa). And then a few more fairly easily connected to that, giving eleven (!) in total. To help plan I made a map:

Click for full size version (PDF Version)

The list:

* The 51 bus route pubs

(On a map)

We won’t be attempting all eleven, just five or six. I may (drunkenly?) update how it went.

It Starts

Beginning with a Howling Hop’s House IPA in the Hopper’s Hut

Tanner’s Box O’ Frogs at the Hackney Carriage

Halfway House

Welcome to the Hanger

So we leave the EU. Abandon the greatest peacetime project of all; the thing that stated that whatever our differences we recognise that deep down we are, after all, the same people. Instead of reaching out, we abandon and look away, because those in power see some advantage to themselves so lead the sheep there. We remove our voice in some paradoxical promise that we will find more ears.

Well fuck Brexit and its small minded, enclosed proponents.

I am of Earth, humanity, European, British, English, Geordie. I hope one day I will be in a society that fully reflects that.