Penguins In the Heart

Sometimes* Always, but, perhaps, sometimes more than others I miss my Mam. Most of the time it is a dull absence but occasionally something makes me want to lift the phone to someone no longer there. Apparently today is World Penguin Day (Wayback Machine as that seems down currently). I Continue reading

Goodbye PTerry

I noted his death, but somehow that doesn’t seem quite enough. I have probably read more words by Terry Pratchett than by anyone else. I can barely remember when the ever growing collection of Pratchett novels (mostly with wonderful Josh Kirby covers) didn’t fill a part of my world. Continue reading

Tonight I find myself remembering two women. Jan, for the pumpkins we carved to show each other, no matter how far apart. And mam, for the text that came every year, a little pun for the night, “Hello Ian” 🙂