In the Central, with memories. We sat about there. The seat was ripped. The gents was lacking a door. The jukebox was over there, far end. You always said you meant to play Magic Bus but you put on I Want To Know What Love Is. I already knew.

None of that’s here now. The memories are but none of the rest, or you. I’m not sad. I’m just sad.

And then Dakota; plays. You and I. And I think how many songs have you missed. I’m still not sad, honest.

A Round Number

Today I am forty. It reads as a significant number but only because it’s got a zero in the base we are used to thinking in. I may as well be 28b16 if we counted in hexadecimal, or 50b8 in octal or even 101000b2 binary (though those last two are also round—how about 34b12 in base 12?). The point is that it’s not actually a special point; just another trip around the star.

Yet it feels like it needs marking. This is of course the age Jan never reached, though I’ve been older than she will ever be for a month or more. It is the age that in youth seems such a long time off, a point that can never be reached. Yet it is reached, while not looking. And that not looking is important; life is not about round numbers, it is the things that happen while not staring at the time. So lets forget that its a silly number and get drunk instead!

It doesn’t matter who I’m travelling with, or not. Nor who is here or not. When I look out the train window and see lobba hill over the Team Valley on one side and Bensham on the other, I will always smile. 

Mmm Skyscraper I Love You : And I’m in the dark, in your room, making love; lying half sleeping, the beat flowing through. Probably not the best thing to try listening to while supposed to be working.

Twenty-three years since the KLF* Well, technically The K Foundation, but you know burned a million quid. Just mentioning because, you know, 2017 needs this sort of thing.

Coloured Impressed

OCS in fine form

Front And Centre

OCS in fine form

We went to see Ocean Colour Scene at the Hammersmith Apollo, which had become strangely all seater for the event. They were supported by the rather good Cupids who were quite rocking. There was also a little guest appearance by a certain Paul Weller, which was nice I suppose.

Highlight was definitely OCS though. We were blown away.

Be Good. Be Good. Be Good.

I was going to say this had better be good but, actually, you’re following Blade Runner. This had better be awesome.

The trailer does feel like the right world, and Vengelis may not be doing the sound track but Jóhann Jóhannsson is obviously heavily riffing on his score.

Arrives , despite the trailer end getting me momentarily excited for June (damn, US time formats)