Rough and Leathery Music

A night just gone saw a trip across London to the Apollo to see the wonderful Suede

They were amply supported by the loud The Horrors (complete with scary monster projected behind them) Set list

The main event was Suede though, making an impressive entrance with their shadows projected onto a smoke shrouded screen. They only got better from there. Set list

Exhibiting The North

Golden Clock

Goldsmiths Jewellers ornate clock

The problem with having too much fun in the summer is that it takes ages to catch up here. So it is that I’m only now writing about things that took place back in , in what could be a different world now the colder weather is beginning to set in. Anyway, in those heady days of (at least potential) warmth there was a Great Exhibition of the North centred on Newcastle; so we went to see it.

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You’re another year not older today. Another year with no way to clink a glass with you, down a drink in celebration. Another year of missing this day; of missing you. Happy birthday pixie, whatever that means now x

Ah me hearties, it’s that day of the year 🙂

Heather and I are going to see Dave Gorman in Edinburgh on . His Twitter Likes have been full of people talking about the giraffe joke. So, I have a prediction. There is no giraffe joke

The Clock Ticks

The seconds move on. Each minute, hour, day, year. The seconds move on and part of me does not. The days are right, the calendar come round again; it could be six years gone. The love is still the same; the ache may fade and change and become scabbed but that love does not. Six years gone and part of my heart still beats the seconds for you.

I hope I see the Moon tonight; always the same Moon, Pixie. Always your Dragon.