Hadn’t realised the fare increases were to pay for the reintroduction of the bloke with the red flag walking at the front of the train but judging by the speed of my train home tonight that’s what it must be. 

Just catching up on Royston Vasey. Like stepping back into an old friend’s underpants. 

Just put some foil over the top of a bowl and for some reason was suddenly transported back to covering a port on a UHV chamber. Haven’t done that in a while. 

Om Pom Brighton

A trip to the seaside, though not the familiar Hastings, or even Dover, but the vibrant Brighton. The may not seem to be an ideal time to be heading to the coast but things were actually bright and warm as we headed off on the complicated rail journey (three trains and a walk between stations—why do we always seem to hit the engineering works?) down to the seaside.

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The Moon Is Big Tonight

The Moon is big tonight
Huge in the sky
Bright, like your life
Can you see it?
The same Moon as I?

Happy birthday, my Pixie, whichever Moon you are under