Things I Have Wanted To Text Or Say To You So Far Today

So this yesterday I ended up wandering through Dulwich (one of those little London villages) in the daylight (because I left my bag in the Plough there the previous night—the irony being that I would never have been here then if not for you). And all I could see in this place I’ve never been before were things; things that if you’d been with me (we’d have been smiling) I would have turned and said; some things I would have texted, if only I had your number. I have to tell someone, if only the silence of bits. In rough order:

  1. This is nice
  2. Milo has his own road
  3. Reminds me of York
  4. Reminds me of the pub next to the market in Norwich
  5. Look at the sheeps in the window
  6. Beagle!
  7. Nice pub-reminds me of the Centurian a bit
  8. The world is round
  9. When did everyone get so young?
  10. Does everyone come out in their pyjamas?
  11. Looks like a young David Tenent
  12. Stop looking at the pretty girls
  13. I miss you baby*
  14. I want to take you home to bed
  15. Read this thing I wrote—it’s about you

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