Goodbye To The Final Triplet

The poor, deceased triplet

The Final Triplet

The poor, deceased triplet

I woke up this morning to notice that my cactus looked like this. Obviously something bad has happened (I’m not sure if overnight or before I returned after the weekend and I’ve only just noticed). This has upset me more than might be expected, for this is the last of “The Triplets”. Way back when Jan and I had trailed around Ikea (can’t remember what for now, stuff probably) and on reaching almost the end found a little display of plants. Jan being Janet demanded some be brought with us and so it was the Triplets were purchased; three cacti in some sort of plastic container, a bulge around each one. Home again we birthed them as if from some pod in a science fiction movie. Though each was different they never gained individual names but would always be the Triplets.

I think we’d manage to kill off one each over the time since. Now the final one has gone, off to join her I hope. She was always better with plants than me anyway. I shall miss it.

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