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No photographs people

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No photographs people

Having gone all the way to Liverpool to see him only for him not to be there, Heather and I finally did get to see Dave Gorman at the Eventim (AKA Hammersmith) Apollo.

The was a surprise at the start with effectively a full set (all the way to the interval) warm-up by the funny Nick Doody (who needs a website!). That didn’t detract from Dave’s show at all though, once he got going. Ubiquitous projector behind him, his observations were as always spot on and, above all, funny. I’ll even forgive the discussions of selfies which made me feel old when Dave pulled up photos I recognised from earlier tours and realised just how long ago they were!

Just noticed the outcry over changes to Cadbury Cream Eggs. I’ve resisted them so far this year, despite their appearance in shops being my personal sign that Christmas has arrived. If half of what I’m reading is true then this is a national disgrace. It was bad enough they changed the shape of Dairy Milk but this, this is a total outrage!!! War may be declared.