Boom Bang-a-Boom

A return to Danson Park for fireworks this year

Heather: Heather complained there were no words Going to the fireworks we tried to get a bus that basically got cancelled on the way to us and left us standing like fools in the street (in a “hail and ride” section—I don’t like them; I like to have an actual stop to tell me where we’re meant to be). We went up to the High Street and a proper bus stop to await the next bus and were eventually on a rather crowded example heading to the excitement. The queues into the venue could have done with some better signage as we managed to end up in the pre-bnought ticket holder’s queue rather than the pay on the night one. Like the last time though they were rapidly moving and so quickly sorted, which let us into the muddy ground. Food was in order, which in my case was met by a typical burger, though Heather complained at the lack of veggie options but did find something at the kiosk by the club house. We had time to wander around the fun fair (Heather found two hook-a-ducks, which introduced two new cuddly toys to the collection). The fireworks themselves started shortly afterwards, again set to music (something I don’t really see the point of, and these seemed less successfull than the last ones). There were some very pretty falling waves effects and a grand finale so who can complain. Credit to whoever was setting off fireworks in the properties across from the park for keeping us entertained around the main event too.

The bus back was even more crowded, but at least the camaraderie was good. And home to a tired bed.

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