Opening A Specific Contact From Tasker

I’m just dropping this here because it just took me quite a while to work out. I love android way more than iPhones because of its customisability. One of the huge advantages is is having Tasker which just lets my phone do what I want it to (my phone wouldn’t look or behave anything like it does were it not for Tasker and UCCW). Anyway, I recently wanted to launch a view of a particular contact from a Tasker task and took ages Googling to work out how to do it, so I thought I’d document it here.

To cut to the chase to launch a contact you want to do a Send Intent Set the action to android.intent.action.VIEW and the Data to content://com.android.contacts/contacts/ID where ID is a numeric code unique to that contact. Getting the ID is tricky. If you have a phone number you can do a Test Phone with Type Contact Thumb URI and save the result to some temp variable. The result is basically the above content URI with /phone appended. If you don’t have the number you can use the rather useful AutoContacts plugin to look up a contact (the ID then gets stored in %acid)

Anyway, hope this documentation may save someone else a bit of time!

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