Shipshape In Greenwich

Dickens Scene

Costumed players at the Royal Naval College

Having enjoyed them greatly in 2014 and been a bit disappointed in 2015 (and missing anything in 2016 completely) we returned to see the tall ships grace the Thames again this Easter. They were back on form, with a relaxed festive atmosphere around the river bank of Greenwich. Walking down through the rather chaotic crowds around the tube station we were greeted by a little food market which served nicely for lunch—though we wished we’d known about the more extensive range of stalls we found later on the other side of the site.

Sunny Thalassa

The setting sun catches Thalassa”s approach

Those extra stalls were beyond our first look at the ships moored up on the river; some old friends and others new. The costumed players were back out in force too outside the naval college, adding colour to the afternoon. We also saw Poseidon (or possibly Neptune) wandering around the place. Around by the Cutty Sark we had the chance for a silly photograph, while Heather found the inevitable carousel. There was no sign of the lizard man this year though.

We circled back round to take up a spot by the river to watch the parade of sail as the tall ships set off for whatever it is they’re doing. A number came past up the Thames, presumably arriving from Woolwich Arsenal downriver, though in the main motor powered. We then had an impatient wait while the ships mustered and sorted themselves out up the river before they returned, sails at least partly unfurled, to sail past in a stream of masts.


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