A Quick North Trip

Car Park And Castle

On a lovely sunny day

The last saw a quick trip up the country to Newcastle for the weekend. It was a short break but sweet, packing in some fun.

Things didn’t actually get off to the best start, with a delayed departure from Kings Cross. Once we got going though it was a fairly small run up to Newcastle. We were delayed enough that we didn’t go for the traditional arrival drink in Centurions but headed straight for the hotel (which once upon a time was the wonderfully art deco Coop building; sadly there’s little evidence of that beyond the exterior and the staircase. At least the room was huge. A good night sleep was had, after we’d gotten over accidentality setting off the disabled alarm.

Arising and looking for brunch we headed to old favourite, the Cafe Bar at Tyneside Cinema. While Heather had a fishcake which tasted too much of fish* Yes, that is a thing I had a “Tyneside Breakfast” with lovely thick bacon. After that we put right our lack of trip to Centurions with a quick drink before heading for the Metro.

We Found A Snowdog

A welcome encounter with Rocket in the Metro

There we were delighted to encounter a snowdog—Rocket (who we’d met before last year), before boarding the little brother of the Tube and heading off to see my Dad.

Returning we stopped in the always lovely Central Bar, with its vast range of beer and cider. We were hungry so tried wandering into By The River but the lovely weather meant it was far too crowded. Instead we retired to the Quayside to considered our options and then headed for the restaurants up Side. We lucked out into Prima which is probably the most impressive railway arch place you’ll find (the arch being the towering support for the line to Scotland where it passes over what was the Lort Burn Dean).

Free Trade View

The wonderful view down the river

Refuelled our took Heather for a walk along the banks of the Tyne, down past the Millennium Bridge to show I still have a trick or two up my sleeve. Reaching the Ouseburn the Tyne Bar was far too busy but was managed to squeeze into a space outside The Free Trade, with one of the best views of the Tyne. A good evening was spent in the still warm open air, and a walk back along City Road took us to bed.
Walk back along City Road to bed.

We Don’t Want To Go Home


High Level from the Bridge Hotel’s beer garden

Sadly we did have to go home. Still, once Heather had breakfast in the hotel there was time to visit The Glamorous Owl, and go for a farewell drink in maybe our favourite Newcastle pub (which fed me a beef stottie for lunch). After that though it was time to sit in Centurions and await the train home.

Three hours later we called in to the St Pancras Wetherspoons before home and the traditional break extending visit to Tailor’s Chalk.

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