Catch Up: Other

Still catching up with things here, and a whole bunch of random events and happenings:

A Wedding

The Wedding Family

Happy together

Laura and Martin got married down Sittingbourne way. It was a lovely open air ceremony, at a great venue with fish and chips, and a cocktail bar, and fine company, all blessed by the sunshine. The only issue was trying to get a taxi back to the hotel, which meant Jo had to come rescue us!

Funny People

We didn’t fancy anyone for our normal little trip to Greenwich Comedy Festival this year but did find a Comedy Gala at The Roundhouse. Headlined by the incomparable Dylan Moran ably assisted by the very funny Nish Kumar, Reggie Watts, Sindhu Vee, Zoe Coombs Marr, all held together by Suzi Ruffell. It was interesting to see the Roundhouse with all the seats out in place, and a great, very funny time was had by all.


I tagged along to a WAY visit to a Tate Britain exhibition on the Rossettis. This mainly reinforced my opinion that I don’t much like Pre-Raphaelite art but did enjoy the poetry a lot more than the painting.


Heather Gets Therapy

From a duck!

Of course Heather and I have to go to Rochester each year, this year’s visit coming in . There was the usual trip up the castle (they’ve replaced the benches with new ones! Fortunately still in the same place), and a wander round some of the shops and favourite pubs, as well as meeting a duck! We actual went back for the Christmas market this month too, with Heather getting the inevitable ride on the carousel.

Tom Allen

And more comedy was had in with a trip to the Apollo to see Tom Allen, who was very funny indeed.

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