Ten Years (With Margin)

Yesterday was the eighth anniversary1 of my starting at EngDesign.

It’s a funny thing, to think of those eight years. I suppose that means I should think of myself as an engineer by now but in my head I’m still (possibly always will be) a scientist. Eight years is about as long as I’ve done anything though, so I suppose I’m in a way both.

Thinking back also makes me miss people. The two people who really made it possible to be here. My mother, for her encouragement and support in those early months and years. And Jan, who came down with me to hurriedly find a flat once I’d found the courage to commit to the move; who told me to go in the first place, the first person I talked the offer through with, trusting enough in us; who came down to be with me and lead the life I thought I’d have.

I suppose today is an appropriate day to remember such, for in the life I now have—such a different one to eight year ago or three year ago—I’m remembering another person, one who I never actually met. So I raise a glass to Heather’s Dad. I wish I’d had the chance to meet him.


  1. Every one knows engineers add at least 20%, so say 9.6; round it up—ten

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