Spring Arriving

A couple of years ago, we had some daffodils in the house, complete bulbs that is, which grew and were lovely. We put the bulbs away in some soil in the hope they would return. They did nothing last year though, and we thought they were doing nothing this year—to the point that we were getting ready to just throw them. However, one of them then produced a little shoot, which has been growing strong, and was joined by a second bulb after a few days. For some reason I’ve been measuring1 them a few times per day, tracking their growth!


  1. Measurements are performed using a schoolboy style clear plastic 30 cm rule, placed edge on to the soil against the shoot. Approximate error in measuring is ±1 mm. A correction must be made as the zero of the rule isn’t at the edge: This was measured as 6±0.5 mm (using another ruler, in this case a metal scale rule). Overall error therefore estimated at ±0.11 cm.

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