Reviewing an IT quotation for a school project we’re working on, the specialist has allowed for something listed as an Elmo Visualiser. Sadly, this has little to do with showing a muppet 🙁


I Don’t Feel Itchy

I just realised it’s seven years to the day that I’ve been at EngDesign. As that’s about the time of degree plus maybe I should get more in the habit of describing myself as an engineer rather than a physicist…

Things probably not in the job description: Helping to wind the mechanism of an old cattle market clock.

So UKPN won’t talk to me because I’m not the name on an application form. The name on it is my colleague’s, who is now on holiday for a fortnight. Best advice: Redo the whole thing. #idiots


Accidental Art

Dialux Art

I’ve just begun to develop a lighting scheme (for a school hall and extension) in Dialux. As I was examining the space I’d built I came across this view—couldn’t help but think of a modernist painting; accidental art in the building services!

Due to a damaged cable somewhere in the outside world our office has had no internet connection (or telephones) for very nearly a week now. BT taking their good time as usual. At least the lack of emails means things are quiet!


I’m beginning to think the most useful thing learned in undergrad labs is the ability to enter a load of numbers into a spreadsheet