You’re another year not older today. Another year with no way to clink a glass with you, down a drink in celebration. Another year of missing this day; of missing you. Happy birthday pixie, whatever that means now x

The Moon Is Big Tonight

The Moon is big tonight
Huge in the sky
Bright, like your life
Can you see it?
The same Moon as I?

Happy birthday, my Pixie, whichever Moon you are under

A Round Number

Today I am forty. It reads as a significant number but only because it’s got a zero in the base we are used to thinking in. I may as well be if we counted in hexadecimal, or in octal or even binary (though those last two are also round—how about Continue reading

Dangerous Sticker

So, this is Heather’s niece’s Evie’s birthday present (she’s one!). Note the sticker in the middle: It reads “For your child’s safety, please remove and discard this label before inserting the spinning baby bug [whatever one of those is!]”. Which begs the question, why not simply not put a label Continue reading

Do They Have Parties?

I don’t know if they have parties, wherever, whatever, your spirit is. They should do. There should be cake, and drink. There should be fun and laughter. And you are there, so there must be love. I wish I could celebrate with you my pixie.

Just like to wish a happy 90th birthday to Boaty McBoatface * Well, if they can call the boat after him, why not the other way round

Luminous London

The weekend saw Heather’s birthday and so to celebrate, with her mum and Gemma, we headed into London. There we took in some of the Lumiere London festival of light, before dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, followed by a bit more of Lumiere.