Feline Food In Birthday Wonderland

It’s Heather’s birthday this week and so, having the delights of Mog on the Tyne in Newcastle, for her birthday treat we headed to a London equivalent, the grandly named Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium.

Cat On A Shelf

Just watching the customers

While the northern cat cafe is a relaxed affair with a bit of grub on a plate the southern one is a bit more OTT in keeping with its trendy Shoreditch location (that’s not to say it isn’t relaxed, just in a different way). So it was for high tea that we rocked up. I’d booked the prosecco option which meant we had fizz to celebrate, as well as the little birthday package of mug and card that Heather got. The cafe itself is split over two levels (which does leave one hunting up and down for cats during quite moments), with downstairs feeling a bit cosier than our ground floor location. Dinah is, of course, the name of Alice’s cat and there was a slight Wonderland theme to the decor, with a giant hat light fitting and a further hat for cats to hide in. The “tree” downstairs didn’t seem particularly related though, and it was subtle enough that the entire thing could be overlooked if you didn’t know the hint in the name.

NIce Resting Place

Hide in a hat!

The cats themselves seemed relaxed and happy, though surprisingly uninterested in the guests around them. Even when our little selection of sandwiches (including tuna) and cakes arrived none of the them seemed particularly interested—a sharp contrast to the northern Stand who would be on your table at the slightest hint of food. One kitten did have a bit of a nose but didn’t make any real effort to get to anything. Still, it was entertaining to watch the cats cavorting around the high shelves and platforms, and the booking last an hour and a half rather than an hour.

Afterwards we wandered from London Bridge along the river, reaching heights in the Anchor I’d never seen before, playing with giant bubbles by the Tate and taking in the view from the Founder’s Arms, and takeaway once we got home.

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