Seems like the perfect time to abolish the lot of them… right?

Emma Hayes is everything a co-commentator should be. Knows her players (and stats) and insightful commentary about what’s happening on the pitch, simply explained. So much better than those ex-pros stating the bloody obvious.

It may be a year late, but flag is up, wall chart is on the wall, ready for kick-off. Come on England! #Euro2020 #England

All that queuing and then someone jabs a needle in your arm! What is the world coming to.

I’m beginning to think the idea of responsibility has become very disconnected from the concept of consequences in this country…

Absolutely terrifying crash in the F1 race this afternoon, from which Grosjean somehow walked away. For anyone doubting the value of motor-racing, that’s the sort of safety advancement might one day save your life on the motorway.

NASA SpaceX Demo-2 looking much more hopeful for launch this time round. Come on!

Nothing like watching a new era of space launches (assuming the weather gets out the way) #SpaceX #NASA

I am restarting my campaign for an office cat. We could call it Engey.