Said we are Premier League, said we are Premier League. Job Done. In Rafa we trust.

(sorry we won’t see you there mackems 🙂 )

Meeting Shakespeare

Not Straight

The wonderful uneven lines of the old buildings

This year’s WAY AGM was in the land of Shakespeare, at his home town of Stratford-Upon-Avon. So it was a surprisingly small train took us out of the hustle of London and away to a more tranquil town. Stratford really does make an impression. Emerging from the station to be surrounded by obvious regeneration and building sites isn’t necessarily a good one but we were very soon wandering through its mix of modern and wonderfully quirky old. Every corner seemed to hold another opportunity to exclaim “oh, look at that!”

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Whitstable Celebration

Small Boats

There were countless small boats around

About four years ago there was a trip to Edinburgh which in its own way led to a trip to Rochester, the start of something. It seemed worth celebrating and as Heather’s mum had bought me vouchers for a lovely lunch for Christmas it seemed a good opportunity to use them. So it was we headed off down to the seaside town of Whitstable.

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Not So Angry Mob

A return to the O2 Arena, this time to see the Kaiser Chiefs. They were supported by Howl (who seem to have a track on the Fifa 17 soundtrack which explains my standing going “I recognise that from somewhere”) and Spring King, both of whom were quite good. The Kaiser Chiefs were also surprisingly better than I expected, giving a fine performance.


So I had to attend an entire church service today. Dear Lord, I’d forgotten how awful these things are, with there rote command and reply to demands to worship the unseen being. All while being told it doesn’t matter how you behave so long as you repent. I don’t need a hateful book (and yes, they read from the old testament) to tell me how to be good.

I was there for an Indoctrination, AKA christening. I don’t begrudge Ben his day but I’ll look after him despite the lack of the sky fairy’s approval.

At least I managed not to laugh out loud.


Okay then, have some photos: