Cured In The Summer Heat

Following last year’s visit to BST Hyde Park Heather and I returned this year. Sadly this year conflicted with the World Cup and, specifically, an England quarter final match. The organisers having made the stupefying decision not to screen the match meant while Heather headed to enjoy the full day of music I spent most of the support acts in a pub just down the road.

By the time I arrived I’d annoying missed The Editors and caught the very, very end of Slowdive, which was annoying, but did get to sit in the sun, under a shady tree, with the distant sound of Goldfrapp.

We were in plenty of time for Interpol to take the main stage. They were fine enough though still a bit hit and miss to my taste. To be honest their memory quickly faded in the face of the main event, as The Cure took the stage and the crowd. We were led on a journey through their greatest hits—a setlist that couldn’t be faulted. Impressions were they are very, very good—probably the tightest band I’ve ever seen (at one point during a toilet break I wondered if someone had stuck a CD on). They had it together right down to playing 10:15 Saturday Night at the right time.

Here’s the intro to one of my favourite Cure tracks

Bit far from the stage, as usual for any decent pics, but anyway:

And a couple more clips:

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