Dippy At Home

Happy Girl

She likes a good dinosaur

Heather and I took a little trip off into London, to see an old friend returning after touring the country, as Dippy returned to the Natural History Museum.

Dippy had of course been wandering around the country—we’d last seen him in Newcastle. Back in the NHM he couldn’t take up his old home due to a whale, so was off in a bit of a dark side gallery past all the stuffed animals. Still, it was nice to see him, and we got to watch a rather soothing film projected around the periphery.

Blue Whale

Very, very, very big

Having said hello to Dippy we found some lunch, bemoaning once again the inability of these places to provide a simple sandwich these days, instead having increasingly poncy and fancy offerings* much later we did find another cafe area at least selling sandwiches, but it should really be an option in all of them.

Having realised we’d be there for Dippy in the morning we’d booked ourselves into the Wildlife Photographer of The Year exhibition, spending a pleasant couple of hours marvelling at the strange and funny creatures, and those who’d manage to capture them. It was Heather’s first time at such a thing, and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

There was a bit more wandering, with a trip up to the earthquake simulator, and more dinosaurs, but we were more or less done with wandering so headed out to recover in the Zetland Arms before heading home.

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