Advent Calendar 2022

There have been a few little upgrades (googly eyed penguin!)

It’s , and time for the greatest advent calendar in the world (as produced by the wonderful Heather)

Raisins! And Chocolate

The important little box of raisins, and a Dairy Milk

The first day and we start off with the important little box of raisins. And some chocolate of course, which all advent calendars should have.

Wispa It

Chocolate bar and the sticky luminous sprout

Into normal advent calendar time, and more chocolate in the form of a little Wispa (already scoffed). Also a sticky, spiky thing which did well rolling down the door when thrown. Makes a good stress fidget too.

Fudge And Carmel

A chocolate haul

A day of chocolate, with a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Caramel and a little Fudge! Yum

Chocolate Continues

Another Dairy Milk Caramel and A Ferrero Rocher

The chocolate continues, with another caramel Dairy Milk and a Ferrero Rocher.

Ooh, Christmas themed Lego! A fun and interesting little build too, to form a Christmas wreath which will probably get hung on the tree once it’s up.

Finger Puppet And Chocolate

Another Ferroro and a friendly penguin

Penguin On The Finget

The little puppet!

Ooh, some chocolate and a fun little finger puppet. I like my little penguin!

Chocolate (a DinkyDecker) and a spinning top thing—I’m easily distracted by a spinning top thing.

Twister Blob

Chocolate and another sticky, spicky thing

It’s more chocolate and a pink version of the sticky thing from the (they continue to roll down the door much better if one remembers not to let them hit the floor).

Eclairs And Sticky

The sticky numbers are building

A similar result to , with a bit of chocolate and a sticky, spiky ball thing, this time blue. Turns out, in throwing them both at the door, the pink one rolls down quite a bit faster than the blue. This also causes them to swing around each other if thrown stuck together. Fun.

Turkey Dude

Probably for Thanksgiving more than Christmas

More Lego, with a minifig! He’s a turkey man, though the pumpkin suggests more of a Thanksgiving dude than a Christmas person. He’s fun though.

Crunchie Bits And Springy Monster

A fun combination

Another little chocolate snack (but it’s not Friday!) and a springy monster thing! Always fun waiting for them to spring!

Fudgey Rocher

Chocolate goodness

A good chocolate day, with a little Fudge and tasty Ferrero Rocher.

Further Choccy Goodness

Diary Milk and Ferrero Rocher

It’s another Ferrero Rocher day, which is good. This time with a little Dairy Milk.

Blocky Movey Thingy

And a wispa

A bit of chocolate, and a blocky thing that spins and moves around itself to form whatever shape you can manage. i made, an animal, I think.

Choco Time

Fudge and Crunchie (still not Friday)

Another day of chocolate, this time a Fudge and little Crunchie (still not Friday though).

Go Whistle For Chocolate

An interesting combination

Another Ferrero and a Christmas whistle! So at least I’ll be able to get Heather’s attention.

I See No Bananas

A little telescope and foam bananas

It’s a tiny spyglass and some foam bananas (yumm and yarrr!)

More Banananas!

And and Eclaire

More foam bananas today, and an Eclairs

Dinky Decker And Eclairs

Another chocolate day

A staple of advent calendars, with more chocolate. This time another Eclairs and further Dinky Decker!

Bananana Egg

Twister and foam bananananas

A chocolate and sweeties day, with a Cream Egg Twister and more foam banananas!

Finger Puppet In A Whorl

A friend for the penguin

It’s another puppet! A friend for the penguin (though, bizarrely, unlike the penguin which has a back, the rear of the gingerbread man is a front facing gingerbread man!). And a bit of choccy.

Chocolate Raisins

Dairy Milk and another little box of raisins

More little raisins, yey! And a Diary Milk, yum!

Spinning Fudge

Fudge bar and spinning top

We had a spinning top thing way back on the and there’s another one today, with a fudge bar!

A Knight

He’s very brave

Another Lego minifig, and a brave knight at that! With hobbyhorse!

Bouncy And Sticky

Things to fling and spring

It’s another springy alien! And some crawly, sticky, prickly, bobbly things.

That’s where most people’s advent calendars would end of course, but mine’s the best, so there’s still the to come!

You're My Boo

Sweeties and a Boo

A bumper edition for Christmas Day, with sweets, chocolate, little raisins and most importantly a little Boo. I am Heather’s Boo, always.

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