Rochester Redeemed

A Tradition Saved

Round Corner

The corner famously collapsed during the seige

Following our abortive trip Heather and I returned to Rochester on . This time the castle was open!

The train down was its normal self (complete with change at Dartford which has a waiting time just long enough to be annoying), though there was some brief excitement over a cow. I’m still not a fan of the new Rochester station—I think because being immediately faced with a busy dual carriageway isn’t the best welcome to such a cosy historic town. We were soon on the High Street though, and looking for some lunch. Having been to the Deaf Cat last time we opted for somewhere different, finding room in The Quills for some light lunch.

After lunch it was a short walk up to the castle, and the steps into the keep. This time round it wasn’t just the shop which was open and so we found ourselves in the familiar surrounds of that stone shell, its now open expanse towering around us. We went down, and then up, past the chapel and to the roof. The sun came out to improve the panoramic views from the top. Of course, on the way there was time for a photo on a bench 🙂

On The Bench

Heather in the sunshine on a bench in Rochester Castle

Cemetery Gate

Once the way into the priory, now a curious feature of the High Street

Coming back down from the castle we headed for a pub to recover from the climbing in. Ye Arrow by the castle is lovely on a warm summer’s day but no the place in winter so we headed down the road until we reached the always dependable Wetherspoons. There we examined a little leaflet picked up back at the castle and decided to follow its suggested walk around medieval Rochester.

That took us from the tourist information down the High Street and past the site of the old east gate. From there it was up the hill and through the Vines before heading back down to the castle and cathedral. The route then swung round by the bridges and eventually back up Castle Hill. It was a good little journey, even if the area is familiar, and brought us nicely to the King’s Head for a drink before heading home.

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