Advent Is Each Year

It’s that most wonderful time again—time for my Advent Calendar, produced by my wonderful partner Heather.

Advent 2020

The 2020 version of my wonderful Advent Calendar

First, a reminder of last year’s offering:


One big, two small, all chocolate

One of the awesome things about my advent calendar is that it starts a day earlier than others! Starting traditionally with some chocolate balls!

The Balls Thing

Very frustrating

It’s the first little game. The idea would seem to be to manoeuvre the little balls into the far small holes around the gaping star shape. it is…frustrating* I’ve put it down before throwing it down


Bouncing space alien

Boooing!! It’s a springy alien bouncing thing. Push it down and wait for it to leap into the air. Here it is in action:

Big Balls, Little Balls

Puzzle complete!

More little balls—made harder by the big red balls being in the way. This one is achievable though, with a bit patience!


Bar and ball

Aha! Chocolate! Tasty, tasty chocolate 🙂 Already gobbled up!

Raisin Tradition

My little box of raisins make me happy

Some traditions are long standing, and my little boxes of raisins at Christmas are one of them. This makes me happy 🙂

Flying Rubber Chicken

Fling him from a finger and watch him stick

The flying rubber chicken! Fling it from a finger and it will stick to what it collides with (unless you’re me—in which case it will drop to the floor because I don’t seem capable!)

Terrifying Balloon Clown

Selling his strange balloon animals

Lego! Which is always exciting. Even if it is a minifig of a terrifying clown ready to unleash his balloon animals on the world!

Black And White Mask

A gift for our times

Today’s gift is a sign of our current strange times. A facemask, in wonderful black and white stripes (the best colours).

Chocolate And A Rock

Pet rock! Hope it doesn’t eat my chocolate!

It’s a double! A big chocolate (traditional), and, wonderfully a pet rock! I’m still thinking of a name for the rock—the instructions tell me that I must take it for plenty of walks however.

Sticky Creatures

A star thing and maybe a spider?

Sticky creatures! Much like the snowmen of last year, you can throw them at things and they’ll stick, and perhaps tumble. That’s the theory anyway. They don’t work quite as well as the snowmen did, but still, here they are stuck to a door.

Stuck On The Door

And not falling straight off

More Raisins


Another little box of raisins! Yeah! They were scoffed straight up 🙂

Dinky Decker, Giant Ball

Chocolate time!

Chocolate time! Dinky Deckers are so cool (though should be called minibuses!)

Impossible Puzzle

I can’t do it!

It’s another puzzle, and a particularly frustrating one. It’s a bit like the crazy golf hole I can never do, and I can’t do this either!

Decanter Tag

For scotch

Decanter tag, to note what is in the fancy decanter (namely, the fancy scotch!). Here it is in action:


Now we know which one is scotch

Choco Balls

Round delights

Chocolate balls! Not very salty, but certainly tasty!

Cactus Minifig

Fancy dress

Another Lego peep! This one seems to be going to a fancy dress party, as a cactus!

Froggy Alien

About to boing!

Froggy Alieny Bo-ingy! Another springing creature, ready to launch!

Another Little Box

More raisins. Yummy

It had been a while since raisins appeared…was beginning to miss them.

Twisted Twirl


It’s a spinning chocolate selection it seems. A mini-Twirl and a Cream Egg Twisted (which seems to be in the wrong holiday, buy hey)

Whisper To The Balls

Minty balls and little Wispa

Whisper it, but more chocolate. Mmmm, minty balls…

Whiskey Tag

Good job I’ve got some

Another tag. Good thing I’ve got some whiskey with an E to tag!

Caramel & Fudge

Yummy chocolate

Fudge and Caramel, two of the best chocolates!

Whiskey Lip Repair

To look after chapped lips, not repair them from all that whiskey drining!

Looking after chapped lips with whiskey flavoured stuff… perhaps I could just cover them in minty chocolate instead?

Key Ring And Balls

Minty key ring

No idea what happened to my old NUFC keyring, so it’s nice to have a new one. And some more minty balls.

Forgot to upload the final day! Christmas Day has a slightly bigger little door!

Christmas Day Haul

Tiny crunchie, little lolly, snowflake multitool, and a snakey toy thingy

Tiny Crunchie carefully chosen by Heather because Christmas Day was a Friday, and thank Crunchie!

I have the most amazing Advent Calendar!!

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