Advent Time

Yeah, It's Back

My Advent Calendar!

It may be only the , but that means it’s time for the best Advent Calendar in the world, as produced by Heather.


Every advent calendar should have some!

All advent calendars should contain chocolate, so mine starts with some. A mini whispa and Ferrero Rocher.


It’s a racer

A racing snail! Pull back and let him go. Will he find anyone to race? Only time will tell…

Chocolate And Sweets

Quite a collection!

A cornucopia of sweets and chocolate stuffed behind the little door. We have a little twirl, Parma Violets, some foam bananas, and a little chocolate ball!

More Sweets


More sweets! Yummy, yummy, yum! Little fudge, more chocolate balls, and some freshers.

It’s a geometric patterned facemask and another chocolate ball, this time minty! Yeh!

More chocolate ball and a Lola Bunny minifig. Woo, Lego!

Balls And Spider

A sticky, sticky spider and two chocolate balls

The by now common chocolate balls, and a sticky creature! Promptly thrown at a door, where it’s still stuck.

All Chocolate

Diary milk and minty balls

Back to pure chocolate. The balls are minty this time.

More Chocolate

Twisted cream egg, chocolate balls

The chocolate run continues, with a Twisted cream egg (hold on—it’s Christmas not Easter!) and more chocolate balls.


Haribo Tangtastic

A break from the chocolate run with sweets instead! Yummy Tangtastic.

Disk Spinner

Impossible to aim

Two chocolate balls (one of each type) and a flying spinning disk thing, complete with launcher and impossible to aim.


Raisins, bananananas, and eclair

More bananas, an eclair of the chocolate variety and my beloved little box of raisins 🙂

Milky Twirl

Chocolate time

A pure chocolate day, with a little Twirl and little Dairy Milk.

Choco Balls And Petunia

Porkie’s girlfriend offers tea

Porkie Pig’s girlfriend, Petunia, offers tea in minifig form (plus some chocolate balls of course).

Spinning Fizzlers

Sweets and a spinning top

No actual chocolate today but there are some sweets (Fizzlers), along with the distraction of a spinning top!


Sweeties from the calendar

No chocolate again but sweeties this time, with more Tangfastics to gobble.

Spoiling Us

Ferrero and Love Hearts

Being spoilt like an ambassador! A Ferrero Rocher, and some Love Hearts.

December 17

Sticky Creature!

And a minty ball

It’s another Sticky Creature (and the return of chocolate balls). The last one is still stuck to the living room door—will this one stay as long?

Chocolate And Sweets

Always a good combination

A sweeties and chocolate day—always a good thing!

Another Spinning Disc

And a chocolate ball

Another disc flying, spinning thingy! Plus obligatory chocolate ball.

Mini Wispa


Mmmm, mini-wispa! Yummy!

Raisins And Balls

More raisins, yey!

Another little box of raisins! And those chocolate balls.

Sweety Time

And some chocolate

It’s time for sweets, with some Love Hearts and a Cream Egg Twister

More Choco


Two little chocolates to keep my tummy happy!


Lots of choice

Sweeties! Wooohooo.

[time datetime=”2021-12-25″>December 25

A bumper crop for Christmas Day (because of course my Advent Calendar has a December 25 door). Merry Christmas!

A Bumper Pack

The 25th door

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