Pett Bands

Last weekend saw the excitement of a music festival—though not one on a very big scale at all. In fact, the very local Petts Woodstock.

The rocked the inside stage


The rocked the inside stage

The Petts Wood area is where Heather is from, which is why we even knew about the festival. Held in the memorial gardens and hall it’s a gathering of local bands, set up to raise money for charity (it turned out that one of these, Petts Wood Playgroup, we knew about because Heather’s mum is involved in it). We got a program and some wristbands and headed to the crowded bar. Once we had refreshment we wandered to listen to a bit music in the sun (in the form of the wonderfully named Jason and the Lagernaughts)and decide who to see.

First up on our list were Unorfadox, playing in the hall. They certainly gave an energetic performance, the lead singer bouncing around like it was the 35-years-ago the band originally existed! They were obviously having great fun, and playing good stuff.

Good name, not so great band. Should make the bassist the singer---the one song he did was the best!

Peppermint Apes

Good name, not so great band. Should make the bassist the singer—the one song he did was the best!

After a quick trip out to the cash point next up were The Peppermint Apes, which have a better name than sound it turns out. They were a bit disappointing to start with as the program listed them as originals but they were playing a lot of (and murdering some) covers. Highlight was when the bass player took over singing duties—that’s the future way to go chaps.

That was about all we had time for, sadly enough, as we headed off to meet Heather’s mum for dinner. Coral Sea provided okay food, despite erratic service. Afterwards there was just enough time for Heather & I to have a quick nightcap in The Sovereign of the Seas Wetherspoons before heading home.

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