Live Music! Woo!

The world has been a strange place lately, so it seems an age since Heather and I last saw some live music, but finally we were back, even if just on a small scale at Petts Wood Calling, which we snuck in between Hastings and going north.

End Of The Set

Catching the end of Jon Blackburn & The Getaways

We arrived in the sunshine to catch the end of Jon Blackburn & The Getaway who entertained us while we found the bar (as per usual, the queue for the bar would get stupid later on—they always seem to underestimate how much bar space will be needed, especially when its sunny). For some reason never quite explained what appeared to be the Mayor’s chauffeur then had a go at singing (not that successfully) some Frank Sinatra covers.

Soon enough though the Ferrets were getting things going with a bunch of Punkish covers (and a couple of originals) all performed with the appropriate attitude.

Whitestar In Action

Some rocking stuff

After Heather got both her face and hair covered with glitter (she never can resist) Run For Cover kept the entertainment going with a collection of rocking covers. They were followed by the always great Whitestar.

We were going to hang around a bit longer but stood in the still huge queue for the bar decided to actually call it a day. Still, it was good to be back, live bands in front of us. Looking forward to more.

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